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Our  Story


Welcome to Design Additions, where we take pride in offering a personal and unique shopping experience, providing vintage painted furniture, unique gifts, one-of-a-kind finds and home fragrances. Our family-owned shop, in business since 2001, provides a personal and friendly service to all our customers. Stop by and let our expert staff assist you in making a perfect purchase. We are confident that our unique selection of furniture, gifts, and home fragrances will add that extra special something to your space. 

In 2000, after restoring a historic bungalow and discovering their new hobby, Chris and Keith were encouraged by their family and friends into  transforming their hobby into a thriving business. Despite their roles as elementary school teachers, they devoted their spare moments to painting vintage furniture and creating unique home accessories.

Now, twenty years later, Chris and Keith continue to embrace their bustling lives with enthusiasm. The addition of their children, Addison and Aiden, brought even more joy, love and demands on their time. The young family of four relocated from their second home in Avondale to Ortega, seeking the space needed for their growing family.

As Design Additions flourished into a swanky boutique, our shelves overflow with an almost endless supply of “wants!” from near and far - featuring hand-finished furniture, French milled soaps and unique jewelry and gift lines. We invite you to explore Design Additions - where each visit promises not only a curated assortment of products but also an exceptional level of customer service. Thank you for being a part of our journey as we continue to inspire and delight our community, one unique find at a time.

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